Sunday, July 25, 2010

i am akhawat

|| if u think that this is not a good article to read, u may kindly search for the other blog….Seek first to understand… Then to be understood ||

When I was first informed by my ex- secondary school teacher last two months, he told that our school will organize Nadwah program for the coming SPM students. I was so keen n excited as dis involved KRJ as co-organizer.. who..n what is KRJ? ur homework to find it. He.. my brother was being participated. Ahh..i do, really hope that this program will change him to a better person than he was before. I became one of the senior students that joined along the program from the first day til the dot. This program was also known as KBM = KEINDAHAN BERSAMAMU. Very, very gud modul were arranged, applied and practiced, aimed for the optimum impact for the students, guiding them to understand the real responsibility as a muslim. KBM was organized during my second year studies in UTM, but I was not there.. -_-“. exhausted after being one of the community member in a program 3 days before the camp program was held..huu

After the program , I realized that starting from that day, my brother was changed. he..he did cried heavily on the last day of the program. hug my father..uh, so touching. till now, the notes that he wrote for 'mak n abah' during the program are still in his room. *glad**happy* .If before we were not a ‘kamceng’ siblings, now he will responds everything that I ask, and agreed as well as follow everything that I ‘cuci’ him..he’s now more appreciate on spending time with family, no longer bully my sweetheart sisters 'eh, lying. sometimes he did it lor' , respect the older siblings, realized the importance to success in SPM..and most important is he understand and keep upgrading his ‘duty’ to Allah

I have some ‘cit chat’ with him just now. He was in a ‘futsal’ match but his team were badly as usual, he give a gud gud respond to my phone call.

When I said that, ‘bro, I’ll come home for next two weeks.’.

then he answered,’k2, I’ts gud. U need to help me neh..’.

Meaning, help in his studies. He’ll have the SPM trial on the early of dis August.

’ O, bro, I wish I can be by yourside everytime u want..’.

he is in transition process..changing..learning..
| i feel the responsibility to guide him | *sad**worry*

My father already asked me to just stay at home before my convocation as I can spend my time with my bro. I just keep silent..”

‘only the time I’m waiting now is to say to my family that..mak, abah, i’m AKHAWAT.’

|| yes, I am akhawat...||

i think my bro won't look (maybe don't even know) this blog